Every part manufactured inside the company goes through an industrialization process according to the flow chart below. Each block of activity is regulated by procedures and specifications according to the industry 4.0 philosophy. Compliance with these requirements is the basis of company policy.

Lca Ballauri has identified some essential aspects for customer satisfaction, whose strength is highlighted as follows

  •   R&D design skill
  •   R&D investment up to 10 % per year
  •   Co-design experience with customers of multinational groups
  •   Study of turnkey solutions for the customers
  •   Search for advanced materials, equipment and SW concerning technological progress
  •   Maximum flexibility to adapt to customer's request
  •   Minimum time to provide solution to the customer
  •   Care to environmental aspects from the design


  •   Design
  •   Internal design (R&D and Technical Dept)
  •   Co - design Customer/LCA BALLAURI
  •   Fast prototipations