The Company structure includes 1.800 sq meters of facilities with climatic chambers, data acquisition systems and a variety of precision electronic-metrological instruments.
Company departments: R&D, Engineering, S&M, Quality, Supply Chain and Production, Testing and Labs, Customer Service.
Fields of activity:

  •   Railway Division
  •   Lighting Division
  •   Automotive Division


Attentive to the quality of its products and to the satisfaction of customers, Lca Ballauri operates with important mutinational groups worldwide. The Company is focused on the development of advanced technological solutions, using the new technologies and the best resources. With the aim to find the best and innovative solutions LCA has made a technological partnership with the POLITECNICO of Turin.

Reeleva is high a technological project with the aim to offer an autonomous monitoring system to all Freight Operators, granting safety, efficiency and operational costs reduction.